FM Repeaters

The Atlanta Radio Club operates FM repeaters on the 144, 222, and 440 bands. The Club’s flagship repeaters are located atop the Bank of America building in Atlanta, the world’s sixtieth tallest building.  While anyone may use our repeaters, membership is encouraged in order to support our world-class repeater system.

146.820 (-)
224.340 (-)
444.825 (+)

All three repeaters require a CTCSS tone of 146.2 Hz.

With the UHF remote base linking capabilities of the new repeater system, the Atlanta Radio Club now frequently participates in the following linked repeater nets:

Southeastern Linked Repeater Net
Metro Atlanta ARES Net
Georgia Skywarn

D-STAR Repeaters

The Atlanta Radio Club accepts D-STAR registration on its main D-STAR repeater on the Bank of America Tower, which uses the club’s callsign of W4DOC. Please note that registration on this repeater is limited to residents of the Atlanta area (i.e., your ULS listing must be an Atlanta area address), and any out-of-the-area registrations will be rejected. If you are not an Atlanta resident, please find a repeater near you for registration.

The D-STAR registration page is here, and instructions for registering can be found here. Note that registrations must be manually approved and may take a few days. If your registration has not gone through by then, please contact the D-STAR manager listed on the contact page.

HRO also handles D-STAR registrations, and if you require quick registration or need help with registering they will be happy to help.

Lastly note that use of our D-STAR repeaters do not require registration to talk locally, however for you to be heard over a reflector or by a linked repeater then registration is required by the network.

Bank of America Tower Repeater

145.350 (-0.6 MHz) W4DOC C
440.600 (+5.0 MHz) W4DOC B
1282.60 (-12 MHz) W4DOC A
1297.625 (Data) W4DOC D

Current linking information and last heard status can be found on the DPLUS Dashboard.

Stone Mountain Repeater (Joint ARC/GA ARES)

144.960 (+2.5 MHz) WX4GPB C
440.700 (+5.0 MHz) WX4GPB B
1282.700 (-12 MHz) WX4GPB A
1297.125 (Data) WX4GPB D

Current linking information and last heard status can be found on the DPLUS Dashboard.


For Repeater Manager contact information, please visit the Contact page.