Mid-Month Update

The following is an update from Jim Reed, N4BFR:


We’ve got some quick announcements, updates and reminders so I thought I would throw them all into one email / post.

  • New Committee Chair – Welcome Ocean – KD8KCN as Net Manager. One of Bill’s (KB4KFT) requests was to get a break after 10 years and we were lucky enough to have Ocean join us with lots of experience. Please thank Bill for his service and welcome Ocean to the team!
  • 2016 Design Badges – We’d like to make a big initial order for our new look club badges. Please contact N4EWT at [email protected] to order yours.
  • Fox Hunt on August 27th – We’re still forming a team, contact N4EWT to get in and maybe get a free badge and N3ACK is doing a custom designed free t-shirt to early joining team members.
  • Upcoming Meetings: Executive Committee on 8/24 6:30 at Meehan’s Pub Atlanta Station, all are welcome. Membership Meeting on Thursday 9/1 at the Red Cross.
  • Maker Faire – planning is getting underway, this is a lot of fun, contact Alan – KW4MO or [email protected] to get involved.

Thanks all! Feel free to reach out with questions: [email protected] or find me on the radio or social media.


Jim Reed – N4BFR
President, Atlanta Radio Club

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August Second Sunday

Bill Perkins, KB4KFT, will be leading our Second Sunday session on August 14th with his world-famous “Connectors and Coax” session.

Please visit our Meetup page for directions and to RSVP for this event; this is not required and there is no fee, however this will give us a rough headcount so we know how many people to expect.

The following is the official announcement from Bill:

It is going to be rainy, if not wet then too hot – or worse both.  So why not stay in where it is cool and do something ham radio related with the guys?

Sunday, August 14th, 2pm, the Coax and Connector at The Second Sunday Tech Session.

This is a session where we work with coax, twin lead (ladder line), PL-259s and the related SO-239s. (Thank you US government for the neat almost incomprehensible part numbering scheme – PL-259 is the male 50 ohm connector on most coax fed antennas. SO-239 is the PL-259 female on the back of most ham radios. These are called “UHF types” though most UHF gear uses the N-type connectors, male and female, that are a whole different breed of cat. Go figure.)

We also do powerpoles, wire connectors, and other crimp and/or solder-able connections. Soldering irons will be available but feel free to bring your own. There will also be a few small blow torches for building bigger connectors and a few folks around who can show how that works too.

If you want to learn to build these or learn power poles or solder connections, or generally want to pick up some points on working with these things then come on out to:

Dekalb Peachtree Airport (PDK)
Main administration building.
Angel Flight Conference room, top of the stairs on the left side of the building as you come in.

Oh… starting at 2pm eastern time.

At the end of this session you may not be an expert but you should be to able to approach your own connector and coax issues and have an idea where to start.

2016-17 Executive Committee

The new 2016-17 executive committee was elected at last night’s member meeting with the following committee members:

  • President – Jim Reed, N4BFR
  • Vice President – Newt White, N4EWT
  • Secretary – Ryan Petris, AG6RP
  • Treasurer – Rob Osattin, KI4UTY (Incumbent)
  • Member at Large – Alan Sellers, KW4MO

The outgoing (2015-16) committee was the following:

  • President – Ken Reid, KG4USN
  • Vice President – Bill Perkins, KB4KFT
  • Secretary – Dick Bentley, K2UFT
  • Treasurer – Rob Osattin, KI4UTY
  • Member at Large – Ade Shamblin, KJ4CUY

I would like to thank the outgoing committee members for a great year for the radio club; their leadership and expertise is greatly appreciated.

Lastly, all appropriate email addresses have been updated to forward to the appropriate committee member and are listed on the Contact page.

August Meeting

It’s that time of the month again for another member meeting, and the program for this month is vintage radio restoration and renovation by Dr. Gary Bush, W6GB.

An additional topic for this month is voting for the 2017 executive committee members.

Don’t miss out!

Update: I guess it would be good if I mentioned the time and place, right? Well, it’s at the usual place, the American Red Cross in Atlanta, starting at 7:30 pm, with a pre-meeting dinner at Cowtippers at 6pm. Addresses and directions can be found on the Member Meetings page.


2016-17 Executive Committee Slate

Hi All,

For everyone that couldn’t make it on Thursday (or just doesn’t remember (grin)) here’s the slate for Executive Committee I put forward on behalf of my team last night:

Jim Reed, N4BFR, Club President
Newton White, N4EWT, Vice President
Rob Osattin, KI4UTY, Treasurer (Incumbent)
Ryan Petris, AG6RP, Secretary
Alan Sellers, KW4MO, Board Member at Large

We had some discussion about some of the things we’d like to do as a group, these are some of my notes but not a complete list of what was discussed. Would be glad to continue the discussion here or feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected]

2016-17 Initiatives

(To be clear on terms – POC’s below are just the concept owners at this point, we would look to blow some of these out into bigger committees if there is interest.)

  • Deepen support of the Maker Community and enhance support of Maker Fair and Science Fest (Jim POC)
  • Continuing to evolve the Hamfest (Newt POC)
  • Modernize Clubs Records & Web integration (Ryan and Rob POC)
  • Work on membership marketing (Alan POC)
  • Continue repeater upgrades including Echolink (Bill KB4KFT has agreed to remain Repeater Chair)
    – Continue to support operating events like Field Day, GA QSO Party, NPOTA and others. (Team)
  • Branding Cleanup (Badges, Signs, Club Wear, etc) (Newt POC)
  • Continued support for Atlanta ARES (Jim, Newt, Ryan, Alan are AEC’s working with Chandler W2NP)

Good discussions on ways to get new hams more involved, HF for the urban dweller and support of our VE activities as well.

Feel free to reach out directly to the POC’s with ideas at this point and we’ll keep you updated on these should we be your choice to run the club beginning in August.

Jim for the team

W4DXCC DX and Contest Convention

The following information was sent by Dave Anderson, K4SV, the W4DXCC Leader:

Hi Friends,

Time is sure flying here. We are now 87 days away from the 2016 W4DXCC convention I can hardly believe it myself. I wanted to let you know that the website has been updated showing the program and presentations, take a look.

W4DXCC Program

This year we have a great lineup of DX and Contest presentations including VK0EK Heard Island. Come hear from a team member who is presenting just what happened and get a chance to speak with them before and after their presentation.

The Bootcamp on Friday was a big hit last year and after reviewing the feedback we modified the program to provide an even better program for 2016. Be sure to spread the word for New and Experienced hams who would like to come see how it’s done. Everyone needs an Elmer, consider Ham Radio Bootcamp your Elmer.

The reservation Hot Line is now open. Give Rosie a call and get your Convention and Banquet tickets. Call her at 865 898-2279. The Banquet seats go fast so it might be a good time to get your tickets as the Banquet seating is limited.

Maybe it’s your first time visiting us or returning for another year, either way you wont want to miss the fun. We have a lobby full of great manufacturers who you can speak with one on one about their gear. Come twist the knobs and click the mice. It should be a wonderful time of fellowship, prizes and fun.

I hope to see everyone this year.

Dave Anderson, K4SV
W4DXCC Leader
[email protected]

July Member Meeting

In addition to executive committee nominations at the July member meeting (on July 7th), Ralph Pickwick, KJ4CNC, will be giving a presentation on attic antennas.

Ralph is a retiree from the communications industry, having spent 35 years within Western Electric, AT&T and Lucent Technologies. Ralph holds an Extra Class license and enjoys chasing DX, Special Events and the digital modes. As a member of GARS, he is one of the Technician and General level HamCram instructors. He is also working with the Gwinnett County School System to spread Amateur Radio throughout the schools in support of the their STEM program.

Out of laziness, Ralph got interested in attic antennas. So watch as his attic antenna farm grows, as he moves up in license class from Technician to Extra, and how he learned a little bit about antennas along the way.

The Amazing SDR Dongle

Join us on June 12 as we spend some time with this $12 piece of magic the SDR Dongle.

Want to be an APRS iGate?
Want to have a 25 Mhz – 1.2 Ghz Receiver?
Want to track airplanes as they fly over your house?

You can do it with the dongle.

We’ll connect these up to a Raspberry Pi to show these and a few others at PDK on June 12 at 2:00 PM.

If you would like to buy an SDR Dongle at the session, they will be be a limited quantity there for $12. If you would like to buy a Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit to go with it we will have a limited quantity there for $70. Contact [email protected] to reserve a kit in advance.

Update: Instructions handed out during the session can be found here.

ARRL Field Day

The Atlanta Radio Club will be participating in the 2016 ARRL Field Day on June 25th, operating at Lucky Shoals Park. Setup will begin at noon and communications will begin at 2pm.

More information about this event is coming soon and will be posted here as well as the Yahoo group and our Facebook page. Please post any questions to either the Yahoo group or Facebook page, or email [email protected].