The Atlanta Radio Club is a 501(c)3 organization, and your membership dues help keep the repeaters running and support club events such as the Atlanta Hamfest. All membership dues cover January 1st to December 31st of membership. The following are the membership types the Atlanta Radio Club offers:

  • Individual Membership: $30 per year
  • Family Membership: $3 per year for each additional family member on top of Individual Membership.
  • Student Membership: 50% off of Individual Membership ($15 per year).
  • New Ham: Free for the first year if joined within 90 days of getting license.

Life member, benefactor and corporate levels are also available. Please contact a member of the Executive Committee for more information.

Why Join?

  1. You will receive access codes to our repeater system.  Features of this repeater system include:
    1. Internet Radio Linking Project, or IRLP,  Work the world with your handheld VHF or UHF HT.  No kidding.  See our repeater web page for more detail.
    2. We have a repeater system of historic proportions.  Our coverage over North and Central Georgia is second to none.  This makes our repeater system particularly appropriate for us by emergency and community based services.  You don’t have to member of the club to use our repeater system and all are welcome to use our five VHF/UHF repeaters.  We do, however, very much appreciate your support.
  2. You will receive our monthly newsletter, the ATLANTA HAM, with news about the Atlanta Ham Radio community.
  3. We meet each month and have educational programs about all aspects of amateur radio.  Because we are centrally located and we are the oldest clubs in Georgia, we are often the first club new hams join.  We have responsibility to welcome newcomers into the hobby, and we take this responsibility seriously at each of our monthly club meetings.  We promise to have educational meetings.
  4. You want to support our 100 year long mission to serve the Atlanta community.
    1. ARRL Special Service Club
    2. ARRL affiliate for over 80 years.
    3. Over 150 members
    4. Chartered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
    5. Sponsor of the ARRL Southeastern Division Website
    6. Sponsor of the Atlanta Hamfest for over 80 years.
    7. Club net every Sunday evening at 7:30 PM on our linked VHF and UHF repeaters.

Ways to Join


Fill out the form below and join now.

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Membership Application

Download our membership application and mail to:

The Atlanta Radio Club
227 Sandy Springs Place
Suite D-306
Atlanta, GA 30328


See one of Executive Committee and sign up in person at a meeting or event.


It may be covered in the by-laws (scroll down to by-laws section), or contact us to ask a question.