March Member Meeting

Looking forward to WU4B Clark’s program on March 2 at the Atlanta Radio Club monthly meeting!

Clark’s program is “So You Think Your Antenna is Radiating Well, eh?”

Clark will show us how to best use that handy antenna analyzer to maximize your RF, especially at QRP levels.

Clark was first licensed in 1961 while in college – this is when vacuum tubes were the norm and transistors were a relatively new component. After a 20 year hiatus Clark returned to the amateur radio hobby in 2006. His main interests include DXing and QRP ops using CW. Currently he has worked 163 countries with QRP!

See you at 7:30, The Atlanta Red Cross Center on Monroe Drive in Atlanta. Stop by Cowtippers Restaurant on Piedmont at 6 o’clock to join the pre-meeting meeting – Great Food and Greater Company!

February Member Meeting

Rial Sloan, N0OTZ, will be giving us a presentation about AMPRNet at the February member meeting next week on February 2nd. The following is the full description of the program:

AMPRNet (Amateur Packet Radio Network), a brief overview of Internet Protocol Addressing in Amateur Radio in the past, present, and possibilities for the future. Topics touched on will include the amateur transmission protocol AX.25, IPV4 Addressing, how to apply for your own AMPRNet address space, and what to use AMPRNet addresses for. Demonstration of the basic navigation of the AMPRNet Portal, and joining the AMPRNet mailing list will also be covered. Time Permitting, additional discussion will be directed at utilizing AMPRNet address space as a foundation for building a state-wide amateur radio network of services and connectivity measured in megabits of throughput.

Please check the Member Meetings page for directions to the meeting as well as to the pre-meeting dinner at Cowtippers.

December Member Meeting

Come one come all to the December Atlanta Radio Club meeting – it’s our annual holiday get together.

We’re trying something different this year, it’s a big dessert party at the American Red Cross. We’ll have festive treats and some tasty beverages fit for the season, plus we’ve got a fun agenda planned…

  • We’ve invited all 16 current Life Members to join us for a celebration of those that have made a long term commitment to the club.
  • What would a holiday meeting be without presents? Someone will go home with a D-STAR HT and others will find prizes to stuff in their stockings.
  • We’ll announce the 2016 Atlanta Radio Club Ham of the Year!

So, mark your calendars or add this to your itele, robot phone thingie, save room for dessert and join us on Thursday, December 1, at 7:30 at the American Red Cross.

Addresses and Directions are on the Member Meetings page.

November Events

It’s been a busy couple of months for the Atlanta Radio Club and there are several events coming up in November.

First, the Member Meeting is this Thursday, November 3rd. John Kludt, K4SQC, will be presenting his program about making contacts when there are no sunspots, “EME using JT65.” Many of us will also be meeting at Cowtippers prior to the meeting for dinner. You can find directions to the meeting and to Cowtippers on the Member Meetings page.

Second, the Stone Mountain Hamfest is this Saturday and Sunday, November 5th and 6th. There will be several micro presentations at the Atlanta Radio Club booth throughout both days covering various topics relating to amateur radio.

Lastly (but not least!), our Second Sunday event will be on November 13th, the weekend after the hamfest, however the program is still TBD. I will post here with the details once the program is confirmed.

October Member Meeting

The October member meeting is coming up in a couple weeks on October 6th. The meeting will take place at the normal time and place, the American Red Cross at 7:30pm, as well as the pre-meeting dinner at Cowtippers at 6:00pm. Addresses and other information is on the Member Meetings page.

The program for October is a presentation about Battle Bots by Randy Farmer, N4FET. Randy was involved in this year’s ABC TV program, “Battle Bots,” and will discuss that program and how RF is involved with the various teams’ creations.

Additionally, we will be voting on the proposed Bylaw change involving the membership period. The changes presented at the September meeting were the following (underlines are adds, strikethroughs are removals):

Update section 3.05 to say the following:

Any member who has not renewed by April 1 within 30 days of the expiration date of their membership shall be dropped from the active membership roll. Such member may be reinstated to membership by paying dues for the current year at any time restart a new membership at any time.

Update section 8.01 to say the following:

Annual dues for all membership levels shall be proposed by the Executive Officers and approved by the members. Annual dues are payable on January 1st of each year. A new member joining the Club after July 1 shall pay half dues to carry through to the end of that calendar year. A new member joining after October 31st shall pay full membership dues and shall have that payment cover the remainder of the current calendar and the next calendar year. Annual dues are assessed in 12 month increments, on the anniversary of the membership in the club. Members before September 2016 shall have their renewal fixed on January 1.

Schedule B shall be published as a companion to the bylaws outlining the sub categories of membership and their individual dues. This schedule may be modified by recommendation of the board at a regular meeting as defined in Section 7.01.

Update Schedule B with the following changes:

Member and Non-Voting Member to $30 per year.

Life Member to $500 one time.

Update 9/18: Slight update to Section 3.05.

September Member Meeting

The September member meeting will take place at the normal time and place (information and directions here) on September 1st.

I don’t have complete program information yet, however the title of the presentation is “Learning and Using CW – Anyone Can Do It” by Pavel, AC4PA.

Additional information will posted as it’s available.

Update: Presentations from this meeting are posted here.

August Meeting

It’s that time of the month again for another member meeting, and the program for this month is vintage radio restoration and renovation by Dr. Gary Bush, W6GB.

An additional topic for this month is voting for the 2017 executive committee members.

Don’t miss out!

Update: I guess it would be good if I mentioned the time and place, right? Well, it’s at the usual place, the American Red Cross in Atlanta, starting at 7:30 pm, with a pre-meeting dinner at Cowtippers at 6pm. Addresses and directions can be found on the Member Meetings page.


July Member Meeting

In addition to executive committee nominations at the July member meeting (on July 7th), Ralph Pickwick, KJ4CNC, will be giving a presentation on attic antennas.

Ralph is a retiree from the communications industry, having spent 35 years within Western Electric, AT&T and Lucent Technologies. Ralph holds an Extra Class license and enjoys chasing DX, Special Events and the digital modes. As a member of GARS, he is one of the Technician and General level HamCram instructors. He is also working with the Gwinnett County School System to spread Amateur Radio throughout the schools in support of the their STEM program.

Out of laziness, Ralph got interested in attic antennas. So watch as his attic antenna farm grows, as he moves up in license class from Technician to Extra, and how he learned a little bit about antennas along the way.