The Atlanta Radio Club (ARC) was founded in March 1911. It is believed to be the longest continually operating club in Georgia (Georgia Tech was founded earlier). With over 140 members, ARC activities include meetings, operating events, training sessions, membership outings, and community service activities in Metro-Atlanta.

The ARC helps operate the Atlanta Hamfest and owns, operates or supports 11 repeaters around the metro area.  In an average month, the club will hold a regular membership meeting, a tech/training session or operating outing, publish the Atlanta Ham newsletter, have 8 lunch outings and host over 20 nets via club repeaters.

The Atlanta Radio Club is classified as a 501(c)(3) by the IRS and incorporated in the state of Georgia. All contributions are tax-deductible.


The By-Laws of the Atlanta Radio Club can be found here, and archives of previous by-laws can be found here.

Sister Club

Geelong Amateur Radio Club, VK2ATL

The Geelong Amateur Radio Club (GARC), VK2ATL, is a very active club in Geelong, Australia. The “short” path distance from Atlanta to Geelong is about 10,000 miles. Long path is about 15,000 miles.


Work them on IRLP Node #6572.