Feb 10th is Second Sunday TECH YAGI Build

Alan ([email protected]) reminds us:

“It’s time for our annual tape measure yagi build. Cost for provided materials is $20.

This build has proved immensely useful for radio fox hunts and even satellite communication. We try to have this just before Alford Memorial Radio Club’s fox hunt, but we are building a little earlier since we have something new and exciting for the sessions in March, April, and May. Stay tuned for more on that.

Please let me know whether you plan to attend and need materials by Friday, Feb 8th. That way I can get them purchased Saturday. Otherwise, I can’t promise I’ll have enough.

As always, feel free to just come hang out with us, even if you don’t plan to build. Or even bring your previous build, if you didn’t get it finished last year ( speaking from personal experience 😛 ), or just want to tweak it.”

Sunday, Feb 10th at PDK Airport, Rom 227 in the Administration BLDG – 2pm is when we start. 

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