July Member Meeting – QRP by AA4BW (Update)

About our program:

Our speaker this month, Steve Hudson, AA4BW, will be talking to us about the fun of operating QRP.

QRP is generally defined as an output of five watts or less, and Steve will be sharing some of his experiences gained from operating for many years a 5 watts or less – often a lot less! In fact, Steve typically runs just a couple of watts out, but even with such a miniscule amount of power going to the antenna he has had thousands of enjoyable contacts (including many extended ragchews) with stations all over the world.

Steve’s program will take a brief look at the technical side of things to see just exactly what it means, in terms of dB, to give it a try with low power. But mostly he will talk about the operating side of things with a focus on just how much fun going QRP can be. He will discuss the on-the-air techniques and equipment used by QRP operators, and he will have a number of QRP rigs on hand for you to see. He will also share a look at his recent experience operating QRP from the Republic of Palau (as T88BW) and from the island of Yap in the Federated States of Micronesia (as V63BW), both in the western Pacific. In addition, he will talk about his experiences with QRPp, or “milliwatting,” with output levels that measure well below the 1-watt mark on the wattmeter!

First licensed as WN4JXO in 1968, Steve has been an active ham ever since. He holds an Amateur Extra Class license. He particularly enjoys CW, and he also enjoys homebrewing (particularly QRP rigs). Lately, he’s been having fun carrying small QRP rigs and portable antennas with him as he hikes and fly fishes in northern Georgia.

A journalist by profession, Steve is founder and CEO of Chattahoochee Media Group, a publisher of outdoor books, and also teaches journalism at Georgia State University. He is the author of numerous magazine and newspaper articles and more than 20 books. Currently he’s putting the finishing touches on a new book, “QRP 101,” a practical and hands-on guide to discovering the fun of QRP operation. It should be published this summer.

Steve and his wife Ann live in Alpharetta. He has three grown children, two grandkids, a cat named Zoe, and a miniature Schnauzer named Ellie.

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