October Sunday Tech

The following is the October Sunday Tech announcement from Bill Perkins, KB4KFT:

Time again for our semi annual Second Sunday Tech Session Park Fall Outing. (Technically it is not “semi-annual” since we only do the Fall outing once a year, in the fall… but go with me here, OK?)

Setup starts around 2pm and we continue with the last person usually leaving the park right at dark.

If you are new to ham radio or just interested in what we do come on out and check it out. GOTA (Get On The Air) radios, VHF and UHF (and DMR) radios will be up and running. And there is usually someone doing something new (sometimes just plain odd) just to see if it can be done at all.

If you have a rig or gear you want to try it out come on out we can get it on the air for you (well… unless it requires some odd ball DC voltage, we’ve had people show up with radios needing 37V). If you want to come and use a radio, try out HF, or try out an antenna, or just hang around for a while – you’re welcome to come and do any or all of those things. We can get most any antenna up enough to try out and there will be extra batteries for those who don’t have one big enough to run their rigs.

The only real purpose is to play with radios and have fun. This is supposed to be a fun hobby. So come have fun.

Simple snacks, soft drinks and water will be available. We seem to often run short of chairs so bring your own folding chair if you can.

We will be set up near the near Collier Road and Walthall Street. There is some limited parking on Collier, most of us park along Walthall Street, there is a hill but there is also some steps and a good ramp down into the park.

The outing will be at Tanyard Creek Park. You can use the following address which should get you close to the small parking lot that Bill mentioned, though you may just have to find street parking as it’s a pretty small lot and usually packed.

488 Collier Road Northwest
Atlanta, GA 30309

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