September Sunday Tech – An Afternoon with Dick, K2UFT – Learning to Love CW

The following is the Second Sunday announcement for September from our Second Sunday chair, Bill Perkins, KB4KFT.

I am calling this “An Afternoon with Dick” because you don’t get a chance to work with an expert CW guy very often… and it will be in the afternoon.

Dick, K2UFT, will be doing a hands-on CW training and learning session for September. He will be covering topics from basic “how do you learn” to advanced stuff. If you’ve ever been around Dick doing CW then you know his “advanced” is rocket science compared to most of us.

We are intentionally keeping this free-form and will adapt the session as it goes to fit the skill level and interest of the attendees. The general idea is tips and tricks for good sending, setting up your key, paddles, bugs, whatever, to get the most out of them – this includes ease of use, right? Also operating tricks, techniques, whatever questions are asked related to CW and CW operation.

Please bring your own key/paddle/oscillator if you are sure you want to practice sending – practice sending is encouraged. I may a few MFJ straight key oscillators but don’t know for sure how many.

We have power in the room, last time we did this several people brought their rigs because of the built-in keyers – that is OK too… just cannot transmit RF from the room.

If you are serious about CW – learning or getting better – or are just curious then this is the session for you. Dick makes it look easy and has been teaching it for a while.

As a side note: several of us have been talking of getting a CW class together, maybe meeting twice a month face to face, maybe more often on-line. If you would be interested in getting involved in something like this – as teacher or student – then come to this session and let’s see what level of interest there is, how we can organize such a class.

Let mew know (kb4kft @ if you intend to bring a rig. I will make sure we have AC and DC to run what we need.

Sunday, September 11th
Starting at 2pm
Angel Flight Room (224)
Dekalb Peachtree Airport (PDK)
2000 Airport Rd
Atlanta, GA 30341

Y’all come.

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