August Second Sunday

Bill Perkins, KB4KFT, will be leading our Second Sunday session on August 14th with his world-famous “Connectors and Coax” session.

Please visit our Meetup page for directions and to RSVP for this event; this is not required and there is no fee, however this will give us a rough headcount so we know how many people to expect.

The following is the official announcement from Bill:

It is going to be rainy, if not wet then too hot – or worse both.  So why not stay in where it is cool and do something ham radio related with the guys?

Sunday, August 14th, 2pm, the Coax and Connector at The Second Sunday Tech Session.

This is a session where we work with coax, twin lead (ladder line), PL-259s and the related SO-239s. (Thank you US government for the neat almost incomprehensible part numbering scheme – PL-259 is the male 50 ohm connector on most coax fed antennas. SO-239 is the PL-259 female on the back of most ham radios. These are called “UHF types” though most UHF gear uses the N-type connectors, male and female, that are a whole different breed of cat. Go figure.)

We also do powerpoles, wire connectors, and other crimp and/or solder-able connections. Soldering irons will be available but feel free to bring your own. There will also be a few small blow torches for building bigger connectors and a few folks around who can show how that works too.

If you want to learn to build these or learn power poles or solder connections, or generally want to pick up some points on working with these things then come on out to:

Dekalb Peachtree Airport (PDK)
Main administration building.
Angel Flight Conference room, top of the stairs on the left side of the building as you come in.

Oh… starting at 2pm eastern time.

At the end of this session you may not be an expert but you should be to able to approach your own connector and coax issues and have an idea where to start.

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