July Member Meeting

In addition to executive committee nominations at the July member meeting (on July 7th), Ralph Pickwick, KJ4CNC, will be giving a presentation on attic antennas.

Ralph is a retiree from the communications industry, having spent 35 years within Western Electric, AT&T and Lucent Technologies. Ralph holds an Extra Class license and enjoys chasing DX, Special Events and the digital modes. As a member of GARS, he is one of the Technician and General level HamCram instructors. He is also working with the Gwinnett County School System to spread Amateur Radio throughout the schools in support of the their STEM program.

Out of laziness, Ralph got interested in attic antennas. So watch as his attic antenna farm grows, as he moves up in license class from Technician to Extra, and how he learned a little bit about antennas along the way.

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